Download E-books Small Favor (The Dresden Files, Book 10) PDF

By Jim Butcher

THE New York Times Bestseller

Harry Dresden?s existence eventually looks calming down?until a shadow from the prior returns. Mab, monarch of the Sidhe iciness courtroom, calls in an outdated prefer from Harry?one small prefer that might seize him among a nightmarish foe and an both lethal best friend, and that would pressure his skills?and loyalties?to their very limits.

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Download E-books The Seeress of Kell (The Malloreon, Book 5) PDF

By David Eddings

The ultimate RECKONING

Time used to be operating out for Garion and his partners of their quest to recuperate Garion's child son and inheritor. in the event that they couldn't find where that is not more, then Zandramas, the kid of darkish, may use Garion's son in a ceremony that might increase the darkish Prophecy to everlasting dominion over the universe!

Only the Seeress of Kell may possibly display the positioning of that mysterious place--and that she may perhaps do just once Garion and Polgara had fulfilled an historical prophecy within the mountain fastness of the Seers . . .

Kell itself used to be closed to Zandramas--but her darkish magic may well strength the data she wanted from one in every of Garion's occasion. She laid her traps and dispatched her foul minions, decided to say the area for the darkish God. yet Garion may enable not anything stand among him and his son . . .

Here is the epochal end to David Eddings' bestselling The Malloreon, the fruits of an unheard of quest throughout unusual lands and between unusual peoples--a tremendous fable of guys, Kings, Sorcerers, and Gods stuck up within the seven-thousand-year warfare among historical, opposing Destinies struggling with to figure out the destiny of all construction.

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Download E-books Birdie's Book (The Fairy Godmother Academy #1) PDF

By Jan Bozarth

Where do fairy godmothers come from?

When Birdie is going to go to her grandmother for the 1st time, she learns that her grandmother is a fairy godmother—which ability Birdie's a fairy godmother too! knowledgeable by means of fairies in a paranormal land known as Aventurine, human fairy godmothers were hidden protectors of the area for hundreds of years. Birdie' s relations talisman, a making a song stone, has been damaged, and now purely Birdie can use the stone to shuttle to Aventurine to fix it.

When she will get there she meets Kerka, a warrior-like lady who has been despatched to assist her locate the opposite half the stone. Will Birdie and Kerka have the information and power to banish the shadow that has come over either the backyard in Aventurine and Birdie's kinfolk? One thing's for sure—no person who travels to Aventurine will ever be an identical again!

For ladies who're enthusiasts of Harry Potter and feature outgrown the Disney Fairies sequence and the yank woman books, the Fairy Godmother Academy is the precise series—fantasy books full of magic and experience yet grounded through modern ladies and issues.

The sequence boasts an grand site that permits ladies to go into the realm they stopover at within the books. There they could do actions either on- and offline, vote for issues they would prefer to see within the books, and fix with different Fairy Godmother Academy fans.

Join the Fairy Godmother Academy!
Visit the website for video games, actions, and networking with friends!

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Download E-books The Secrets of Brother John Hamman PDF

By Richard Kaufman

Comments (Omar Domenech): this can be a monstrous number of Brother John's most sensible paintings. instead of proposing separate sections for sleights and results, this e-book indicates you the required sleights as they're wanted by way of a specific impact. lots of the results during this ebook are easy yet inventive and a few were featured in different collections corresponding to "Michael Ammar's effortless to grasp Card Miracles" sequence. For the main half, they don't require any tough sleight of hand yet this doesn't remove from their effectiveness. The publication talks approximately not only how each one influence works, yet why it really works. this is often vitally important because of the mental subtleties that Bro. John contains in such a lot of his paintings. whether you don't use any of the consequences during this ebook, much will be discovered shape the mental theories provided, such a lot particularly these facing psychological misdirection.


9 advent (by Gene DeVoe)
10 Foreword (by Bro. John Hamman)
11 quick Double and Triple Turnover procedure: From a Deck, The Longitudinal Convex Bridge, From a Packet
15 useless Man's Hand: The Double-Deal Switch
18 Double-Deal Card to Pocket
20 The What and the place exams: Double elevate from the ground of a Packet
24 The Two-Card Trick
26 1 2 three four five Peek Thought
28 Deck in Parvo
31 Acey-Deucey
34 Bro. Hamman's First Twist: Block Pushoff
38 Bro. Hamman's moment Twist: The Undercut; Small-Packet opposite Fan Display
41 Bro. Hamman's ultimate Twist: The Hamman Ascanio count number, Flustration Count
44 Watch Me Like a Hawk: Undercount Variation
47 The Signed Card
51 Triple Cross
54 Kings in the course of the Table
57 Flight of Four
61 Sealed-Room Mystery
64 Thunderstruck
66 Peek glance Think
68 The chinese language Miracle: The chinese language Shuffle
71 chinese language Shuffle to Si Stebbins Stack
72 3 Guesses: J.K. Hartman's mystery Subtraction
75 contrary Pockets
77 Magic Box
79 Four-Pocket Mirror
81 The Disobedient Cards
84 the ultimate Shuffle
87 Two-Shuffles Harry
89 The Pesky Cards
93 The Twins: Gemini Count
97 The Pinochle Trick
99 The Magic Cards
101 The Jacks Come Back
103 The Knavish Deuces: Double Flustration Count
106 Revenge at the purple Panthers
109 Kangaroo Card
114 Eight-Ball Queens
116 New Hue: The Two-as-Four Count
118 The Lollapalooza Hand: The Lollapalooza Switch
121 fake Witness: Arthur Findley's Tent Vanish
124 Pickpocket
127 The Doppelganger Card
129 The Multiplying Kings
134 concept playing cards Across
136 Billy the Kid
138 Stun-Sational
141 Micro-Macro
145 Micro-Macro (with typical cards)
150 The Invisible Card: The Countback
153 Houdini Escapes: The Braue Reverse
155 Seeing with the Fingertips
157 Devilish Miracle Retold: Countback edition No. 1
160 The obvious playing cards: Countback edition No. 2
163 the journey of the noticed Seven: Larreverse
168 The Skipping Jacks: Countback version No. 3
171 Flash Poker: The Flash Change
175 Spectator Outdeals Magician...Almost
177 Magician as opposed to Gambler
180 The Poker Palm Shift: Countback edition No. 4
183 Up the Down Sleeve
185 cross Fish: The Rolling Control
189 Blind Chance
191 Cream Rises to the Top
195 The Axes and the Jaces
200 The Underground Transposition: The Veeser Concept
202 Phoenix Four
204 The Homing Card: The Wild-Card Move
208 Out of Print
209 common Card
213 The Mystic 9: The Hamman Count
216 The Faked Deck
216 Four-Tunate selection: Carlyle's Turnover Move
218 Haldeucination
220 The Amorphous Ace
222 Wild the entire Way
229 ultimate Aces
234 The Marx Brothers: The Swivel Switch
238 women Man
240 Mixed-Up friends: Small-Packet Double Deal Turnover
243 5 Kings Royal: Small-Packet Double Deal Turnover
245 The previous Classic
250 Fan-To-See

Hardcover: 252 pages
Publisher: Richard Kaufman and Alan Greenberg; 1st variation (1989)
ISBN-10: 1127513311
ISBN-13: 978-1127513314
ASIN: B0007CE5L6
Product Dimensions: 11.1 x 8.5 x 1.6 inches
Shipping Weight: 2.4 kilos

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Download E-books Harry Potter e as Relíquias da Morte (Harry Potter, Book 7) PDF

By J. K. Rowling

Reliable Brazilian Portuguese model from Pottermore.

Note: within the unique ebooks from Pottermore, there's a preview of the 1st bankruptcy of the subsequent publication (ie on the finish of the Philosopher's Stone, they contain the 1st bankruptcy of the Chamber of Secrets), yet this is often lacking from this add. not likely an enormous deal though.

Em Harry Potter e as Relíquias da Morte, o encontro inevitável com Lord Voldemort não pode mais ser adiado. Harry, no entanto, precisa ganhar pace para encontrar as Horcruxes que ainda estão faltando. E, pelo caminho, descobrir o que são afinal as Relíquias da Morte e como ele pode usá-las contra o Lorde das Trevas. Seguindo as poucas pistas deixadas por Dumbledore, Harry conta apenas com a ajuda dos leais amigos Rony e Hermione.

Juntos, eles percorrem lugares nunca visitados, descobrem histórias nebulosas sobre pessoas queridas e acabam por desvendar mistérios que os incomodavam há muito pace. Enquanto Harry, Rony e Hermione vagam por diferentes lugares em busca de pistas, J. okay. Rowling vai revelando aspectos até então desconhecidos sobre os principais personagens.

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Download E-books Once Upon a Time in the North: His Dark Materials PDF

By Philip Pullman

During this new prequel episode from Philip Pullman's His darkish fabrics universe, Lee Scoresby--Texan aeronaut and destiny buddy to Lyra Belacqua--is simply 24 years previous, and he is lately received his hot-air balloon in a poker video game. He reveals himself floating North to the windswept Arctic island of Novy Odense, the place he and his hare daemon Hester are fast tangled in a dangerous plot related to oil wealthy person Larsen Manganese, corrupt mayoral candidate Ivan Poliakov, and Lee's longtime nemesis from the Dakota nation: Pierre McConville, a employed killer with at the least twenty murders to his name.

It's merely after Lee types an alliance with one of many island's reviled armored bears that he can struggle to damage up the conspiracy in a gun-twirling vintage western shoot out--and conflict of wits. This beautiful clothbound quantity beneficial properties the illustrations of John Lawrence, a detachable board game—Peril of the Pole—on the interior again hide, and a glimpse for Pullman fanatics into the 1st friendship of 2 of the main cherished characters within the His darkish fabrics trilogy: Lee Scoresby and armored endure Iorek Byrnison.

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